Many couples decide to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii--and for good reason. The seductive beauty of the Hawaiian islands offers an idyllic setting for the blissful first weeks of your marriage. Waikiki tops the list of Hawaii honeymoon destinations. Why you may think these honeymoons are so appealing? Well …. What could be more romantic than imagining the two of you strolling on a white sand beach, the warm tropical waters lapping at your feet, the sun setting over a striking tropical horizon?

When considering a honeymoon in Hawaii, shop around for Honeymoon specials and honeymoon packages. There are packages put together by independent companies that will cater to all preferences--secluded cabins on remote parts of the island, or golf outings with all the perks.

When looking into Hawaiian Honeymoon packages, first decide what you want to do, then shop around online for packages. Many packages include airfare, rental car, lodging, and activities. Some just include lodging with optional add-ons. Look around before deciding--and don't forget to consult your spouse!

If you decide to book your honeymoon on your own, you should absolutely mention to your hotel, B&B, or resort that you are visiting on your honeymoon. Nearly all of them offer upgrades, free champagne, or (in rare cases) discounts.

You may wonder why Waikiki honeymoons are a perennial favorite. It’s because all that Waikiki has to offer.

Upon landing in Honolulu, you'll be greeted by the scent of tropical flowers.

A "lei greeting" is a traditional way to welcome visitors to Hawaii upon arrival, although it must be arranged in advance. The urban sophistication of Waikiki might surprise anyone expecting hula girls and beachside luaus. But with 594 square miles, the island of Oahu is plenty big enough to balance big-city ways with lots of wide-open spaces, deserted beaches, and majestic highlands.

Waikiki also offers some of Hawaii's most interesting cultural experiences (including Iolani Palace and the Bishop Museum), as well as the best restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Beyond the Honolulu-Waikiki metropolis, the natural beauty and genuine Hawaiian spirit rivals any on the neighbor Islands.

The choices are endless on this island paradise. . Honeymooners prefer Waikiki because of the non stop fun and the lush tropical landscape of the North Shore with its less crowded atmosphere on this part of the island. Waikiki offers every imaginable activity to choose from. You can spend your days enjoying sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, golfing, riding and much much more.

You can explore Pearl Harbor, Chinatown and Diamond Head. And when the sun sets in Waikiki, enjoy the balmy nightlife from native Polynesian shows and nightclubs to world-class opera and symphonies. Outside the city limits, the Koolau Mountains unveil lush green forest and cool cascading waterfalls that lead you to the beaches of Waikiki.

Make your honeymoon a memory of your lifetime.  You will not regret it.

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