It’s Hawaiian tradition to follow their days at the beach with evenings of dancing at nightclubs. As soon as the sun goes down, the fun heats up. There’s plenty in Waikiki to fill a menu of offerings to fill anyone’s appetite for nightlife - from crowd-pleasing dinner shows and nightclubs to symphony performances and sporting events.

Most nightclubs are located a few blocks inland from the beach. The most popular is The Wave, which has become as much of a local ritual as tanning. It's been here seemingly forever, entertaining locals for years. It’s a non-pretentious dance club with a large gathering spot in front of a dance floor and a stage with live bands on weekends. The Wave is as wild as it can get. Girls who feel they have attractive bodies are invited to prove it on the stage (much to the delight of the crowd).

The most casual dance club in town is the friendly Red Lion. If it weren't for the dancing, this would be a great dive pub. Instead, it's a great dive dance club. Its unique feature is the giant glass wall behind the bar that looks into the adjacent hotel's pool. Whether it’s in the afternoon or early evening, you can see people diving into the pool or even watch them swim up to the glass. Locals love the place because it always has drink specials, live bands and good DJ’s.

Scruples Beach Club is another popular casual Waikiki dance club commonly referred to by tourists as Discoteque International. Don't be surprised if you see your favorite celebrity at Scruples dressed in shorts and T-shirts. It’s a very safe and conveniently located place.

If it’s something extravagant that you are looking for, then Zanzabar is the place. Decked out like a high-tech Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, it’s a lavish place that features state-of-the-art lighting and sound. If you are in the mood for an elegant yet lively dance club, then Esprit Lounge is the best place to go. It has steadily maintained a reputation for having great entertainment and drinks.

There are also plenty of places for those looking for something with local flavor. Society of Seven is one such popular place. This tight-knit ensemble of talented local performers has been entertaining visitors for years. Their show is a fast-paced, high-energy show that's guaranteed to keep you entertained. Another place where the sound is "Contemporary Hawaiian" is Duke's Restaurant and Canoe Club. The biggest reason everyone gathers at this beachfront restaurant is the music and the patio sunsets. One of the few that are left which offer all-Hawaiian shows in Waikiki, is Keith and Carmen who have been entertaining visitors for more than 20 years.

Besides the nightclubs, there are plenty of “fun” places like bars, discos, lounges, brew pubs, sports bars, gentlemen’s clubs, strip bars, hostess clubs, and much more offering all types of music. The strip clubs in Honolulu are so good, even women frequent them. Local favorites are Rock Za, Feme Nu, Club Sundance because of what they have to offer. The most popular gentlemen’s club is Déjà Vu. Another such popular place is the Japanese style hostess club Club Nakase. You can sit here at the bar and enjoy a drink alone or enjoy the company of a friendly and cute Japanese girl who will sit with you at the bar.

Besides the many more nightclubs available, there are the elegant ones in all the hotels that line Waikiki Beach. For those looking for other forms of entertainment, there are theaters - some with local ethnic performers, musical shows and concerts, sunset cruises, dinner shows, as well as Lu'au and Polynesian Revues. A great concert venue is the Waikiki Shell, a unique outdoor concert venue near Kapiolani Park. The Shell seats up to 2,400 people, and the expansive lawn area has enough capacity for an additional 6,000 spectators.

Oahu definitely has it all when it comes to nightlife!

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