Waikiki, known as the playland of the Pacific, has so much to offer visitors that it’s impossible to see and experience everything in a day or two.

The main attraction in Waikiki is the beach, where the sun shines at least 300 days a year and the water is warm all year round, making it ideal for a dip-even on a Christmas Day when most of North America is covered in snow. Weather-weary travelers come from all over the world to plop down on the beautiful white sand beach, letting the sun melt away their cares. There are so many other things to be explored in Waikiki besides the beach.

There are museums, shopping, bargain-hunting down side streets, a trip to the Honolulu Zoo and a stroll along the Ala Wai Canal to Kapiolani Park. A favorite activity is hiking to the top of Diamond Head (the trail begins inside the crater, where you can drive and park your car. Military veterans will want to visit the fascinating U.S. Army Museum at Fort DeRussy.  

To make sure that you see everything and don’t miss out on any of the attractions, there are several companies that arrange tours for you. The hotels also have their own tours to serve you. You can select from among the many according to your interest and liking. There are air tours where you can tour in helicopters or seaplanes; land tours that include bus or coach tours, bicycle tours, horseback, walking, hiking, or camping; water tours where you can choose from day or dinner cruises, kayak tours, sailing, shark or whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, or water sports; or theme tours like the Polynesian Cultural Center or the Sea Life Park. Guides, well versed in the geography and history of Hawaii, accompany you on the tours and answer any question that you might have.

Some tour agencies that you might want to look into are …

    The Waikiki Trolley

They take you on tours in authentic brass-trimmed open-air trolleys. You can feel the cool Hawaii breeze, and on those hot summer days, you can cool off and still enjoy the sights on our air conditioned trolleys.

    Fishbowl Tours

Fishbowl Tours offers adventure packages to all the exciting places of Waikiki.

    Aloha Island Tours

Aloha offers many different tours. Whether it’s cruises, water and nature tours, sightseeing around the island, or a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center… they have it all.

    Hawaii Duck Tours

An absolute must-do when in Hawaii and one of the best ways to see the sights of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, world famous Hanauma Bay, and so much more! Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of a ride in a fully-restored, amphibious WWII DUKW or "Duck" as they are dubbed. It's fun for the whole family! A really educational adventure that all ages can enjoy.

    Hawaii Activities

Hawaii Activities offers a variety of tours - water tours of dolphin encounters, eco-tours which include nature tours and Honolulu’s hidden waterfalls, helicopter tours, hiking excursions, historical tours, as well as entertainment.


Tour America's island state from world renowned surfer beaches to exciting Volcanoes National Park, and excellent nightlife.


Historical Waikiki Tours on Segways … a unique experience. Each person will be on his/her own Segway HT and as you glide safely and comfortably along the sidewalks and pathways of historic Waikiki, a trained tour guide will answer your questions on anything from "who was Kamehameha" to "how does the Segway HT stay up"?

    Atlantis Adventures

Underwater tours in state of the art air conditioned submarines. The submarines descend to a depth of 100 feet, allowing passengers to observe colorful coral reefs and a vibrant marine life eco-system complemented with artificial reef structures and the sunken remains of two ships and two aircraft.

These are just a few of the many that offer great tours of Waikiki, and the list is highly personal. You can check for other tours with your hotel. Whichever tour you take, just try and cover all of Waikiki and don’t miss out on any of the great experiences that you might regret on returning home.

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